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81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords.


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Give a business cyber security tools, and you protect it for a day.
Teach a business how to manage its own security, and you protect it for a lifetime.

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"Give a business cyber security tools, and you protect it for a day...
Teach a business how to manage its own security, and you protect it for a lifetime."

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Password Management Platform


Hiding your head in the sand wont protect you from this guy.
Find your system’s weak spots before they expose you to a cyber attack.

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The decision to have secure password security is obvious, the choice comes down to who are the best.

Password security is crucial in reducing the 81% of data breaches caused by weak passwords. Strengthening and managing passwords can protect data, meet compliance, and lessen phishing risks. Martarna's security training programs, which require just 5-minutes a week, equip employees as first-line defenders against various cyber threats, fostering a culture of long-term cyber resilience. SureDrop, another offering by Martarna, is a secure file-sharing platform built by cybersecurity experts. It offers advanced encryption and compatibility with both cloud and on-site storage, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, especially those in hybrid or multi-office setups. Contact Martarna to learn how we can help you start protecting your business data.

Password Security:

Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches
81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords. One system, multiple benefits: strengthen and store passwords, manage access, notification of breached passwords and more. It is important to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your passwords are secure.

Why Is Password Security Important?

Password security is a critical part of any organization's security posture, as weak passwords can leave networks vulnerable to malicious actors. Proper password protection helps protect confidential data from being exposed or stolen, while also helping organizations meet compliance requirements. In addition, strong passwords help reduce the risk of phishing attacks and social engineering.

Let us join you in your journey to improving the cyber resilience in your business.

Empower, Equip, and Evolve:

Transforming Your Workforce into Cyber Guardians in Just 5 Minutes a Week

  • Your premier source for security awareness training provides comprehensive programs to empower employees to become the first line of defence against cyber threats.
  • Through interactive courses, your workforce can be equipped with the knowledge necessary to safeguard themselves and business assets from phishing attacks and other cyber risks.
  • Taking only 5-minutes per week, your employees will gain a greater understanding of what to look for, from impostor scams to ID spoofing.
  • By joining forces, a culture of cyber resilience can be achieved that protects your business and fosters a long-lasting awareness of security risks beyond the workplace.
  • Let's work together towards a shared responsibility in ensuring cybersecurity.


Your Comprehensive, Secure File-Sharing Solution for the Modern Business Landscape

  • SureDrop is a secure file-sharing and storage solution created by a cybersecurity firm.
  • It features advanced protection like encryption, file fragmentation, and zero-trust key management.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook.
  • Compatible with both cloud and on-premises storage.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, especially hybrid or multi-office environments.
  • Enterprise features include role-based access and Microsoft Active Directory integration.
  • Ideal for securely sharing and storing any type of sensitive data.

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