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A good Family Lawyer  helps when people find themselves in emotional and difficult situations.  These are times that require cool considered judgement. Shaddicks Lawyers can assist you in resolving issues equitably and efficiently. As a leading Firm centrally situated in Busselton in the South West Shaddicks Lawyers have been helping  families for more than 60 years. Shaddicks Lawyers are a trusted household word in the South West.


The professionals at Shaddicks Lawyers can assist you in all areas of Family Law including property settlements, both before and after divorce, custody of children issues, child support and all other issues related to disruption and dissolution of families with Family Law problems. Shaddicks Lawyers will give you somebody on your side who can sensitively listen to your needs and negotiate  your position in negotiations and Court actions. This support will assist you in the process and give you peace of mind. Specific areas of Family Law are detailed in the pages below but there are other issues in the Family Law area with which we can help you. Our team can assess and advise on efficient and practical ways for you to proceed.
Shaddicks Lawyers have  extensive experience in  caring for families involved in l breakdowns and disputes.

Property Settlement

Let us help you by dealing with your fears about money, your property, where you live. Property distribution needs to be finalised within strict timeframes from divorce or separation.

Shaddicks Lawyers can professionally assist you to resolve property issues with your spouse or partner. more...

Parenting Issues

Helping your children thrive, not just survive, through a difficult time is a priority. You will be pleased you got advice from Shaddicks Lawyers professional team.

Children are hard enough to manage. When families separate sensitive sensible arrangements need to be made to manage and care for those children. more...

Children’s issues

Sometimes children are caught in the middle of emotionally charged conflicts.  We know this is no good for our children or grandchildren.

Sometimes you feel powerless to do anything. It is then you need to seek the help of efficient sensitive Lawyers to guide you through the process. more...

Family Law & Divorce

Family Law in Australia operates on a basis of no fault so the Court doesn’t look at who’s to blame. You can file for divorce after 12 months of separation.

Divorce, like marriage is a legal event and needs an official ending with an order from the Family Court of WA. more...

Financial Agreements

Worried about a proposal you or your spouse or partner are thinking of? Not sure about what you are entitled to or what your rights are? Not sure whether the document you have been asked to sign is going to be effective at law?  more...

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