The end of the linear waste economy

Join the smart companies that are now embracing the approach to evaluate, adapt and implement the new economic potentials offered by the circular economy.

New 'Cradle to Cradle' engineering innovations are creating effective technologies and methods to produce products with the end of their life cycles in mind facilitating recycling and reuse.

"Business sits at the heart of the transition to a circular economy. A circular economy transformation will empower us with the tools to tackle global challenges, and the power to create resilience and grow prosperity.

Collaboration with suppliers, customers and infrastructure is the only way to build a system which benefits business and the whole of society.

Whether you’re a large global corporate or disruptive start-up, this is your gateway to resources that will inspire innovation, highlight opportunities, and demonstrate how we can implement circular economy
solutions at scale."

(From the Ellen Macarthur Foundation) Learn more about the circular economy here

Is there really a choice?

The circular economy is an opportunity that could deliver benefits of €1.8 trillion in Europe alone by 2030. While technology, policy and regulation have critical roles to play in the transition to a circular economy, the role of businesses of all sizes — finding new, circular ways of creating, delivering and capturing value in ways that also benefit society and the environment — is also vital.


Innovative Approach

Circular Seed is a company that works seamlessly with your existing operations, providing expertise around resource recovery. Acting as a single point of contact to help streamline a variety of custom resource recovery services for greater automation. The innovative approach is designed to optimize your operations and help reduce your environmental impact.

Resource Recovery Management

Circular Seed find solutions that re-use, recycle and recover waste that would otherwise go to landfill. We use expertise in waste management and contacts in the market to find and negotiate resource recovery and waste solutions for business customers.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are geared towards understanding your business and industry needs. Adhering to high regulatory and environmental standards you can confidently know that your resources are securely collected, processed, treated, and recycled.

    Software Solutions

    Circular Seed offers a unique expandable technology solution that can range from residential bins to collection trucks, through to the sorting facility and can provide data points that enable individual asset management in real time.

    Research And Development

    Circular Seed is focused on solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. Our integrated problem solving and research methods provides a one-stop-shop for all your needs, from consultation, raw material testing and feasibility studies to cutting-edge technology, engineering, service and operation. With our in-house infrastructure and expertise, we reduce hurdles, turning vision into reality.

    Manufacturing & Machining

    The manufacturing and machinery sector covers a wide range of business types and the needs of each are unique. Dealing with everything from management of liquid and hazardous waste that needs to collected and processed in accordance with EPA guidelines through to general waste and recycling that comes with any business, Circular Seed can help devise a waste management solution that meets Australian standards for quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

    Resources & Energy

    The resources and energy sectors generate 26% of WA’s output value. Some 500 commercial mining projects produce more than 50 different minerals. There are more than 60 operating oil and gas fields.


    WA is internationally renowned as a high-quality supplier of agricultural products with 80% of total agricultural production exported. The top five agricultural export products are Wheat, Canola, Barley, Wool and Sheep.

    Food & Hospitality

    The hospitality industry generates a variety of waste streams that all require different solutions. When you work with Circular Seed this is all taken care of for you. From the recycling of the often-significant amounts of organic waste, environmentally friendly and compliant grease trap and associated waste solutions, right through to bathroom hygiene management, we work with a range of providers to ensure you’re getting value for money and the best outcome possible.

    Hotel & Leisure

    The health and safety of your visitors are of paramount importance in the hotel industry and with more guest considering their environmental footprint than ever before, the expectation that your business has adopted sustainable waste management solutions is high. Circular Seed provides solutions that give you complete transparency over your waste and recycling outcomes while reducing the costs and ensuring that your compliance requirements are being met across all your waste streams.

    Retail and Trade Distributions

    In the retail and trade industries, the range of waste needing collection varies greatly. From the often-large amounts of recyclable waste, through to sensitive documents, organic waste, bathroom hygiene services through to grease traps and associated waste. It is often the case that your business needs and volumes vary greatly which is why a tailored, cost-effective waste management solution is vital.

    Transport & logistics

    We understand that the transport and logistics industry’s waste management needs are often extremely diverse. From general waste and recycling right through to hazardous waste which is why we work with you and our contractors to ensure that not only are you meeting internal statutory reporting requirements including Australian standards for quality, environment and OHS to help manage risk but are also minimising your costs and maximising your recoverable and recyclable waste.

    Health Sector

    Affordable waste management solutions for your health or aged care facility that allow you to meet all your local, state and federal requirements doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

    Our contractors can assist you with collection of a range of medical waste including clinical waste, cytotoxic waste, pharmaceutical waste, anatomical waste and sharps waste while our team here at Circular Seed ensure that the service/s being provided are scalable and appropriate for your business needs.



    Waste management solutions that accommodate the space limitations, operational needs and security requirements of your workshop, while still allowing you to manage your environmental protection obligations are a must in the automotive industry.

    Circular Seed works with you to determine how often collection of waste oil and other materials is needed to ensure you’re getting the best value for money and a solution that’s perfectly suited to your business.



    Waste sorting and specific stream management is key within the education industry. With high volumes of organic and recyclable waste being generated, optimising sorting can result in driving costs down and minimising landfill.

    A fully integrated system for general, recycling, organic and hygiene waste management, that is simple for staff and students is the cornerstone of a successful waste management solution.