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What are Digital Assets

WBD work with the world's leading Digital Wealth Platform. We offer education and training around setting up your own account/s These accounts can be in your personal name, but also in the name of your company, trust or SMSF.

New world Wealth Accumulators are seeking a safe and fully insured custody environment for their Alternative Digital Assets. Well informed Wealth Accumulators are using their access to a new Asset Class. 'Alternative Assets' to provide diversity to their current Wealth portfolios.

What are all the Asset Classes available to Wealth Accumulators?
Cash, Fixed Interest, ( Bonds and Term Deposits) shares, property, precious metals, Alternative Investments, (Tokenised Gold, Silver & Platinum, Hedge Funds, Debt Funds, some blue chip Crypto Assets)

The Blockchain and technology advancement is now allowing everyday investors access to the full suite of Asset Classes. All of the above asset classes will ultimately be Tokenised. So plan now and set up your very own Austrac licenced Digital Wealth Platform by contacting the team at WBD.

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What is New Wealth?

WBD offer a guided journey in understanding the New Digital Wealth paradigm. New Wealth is the next era in the evolution of investment. Defined by the democratization of wealth, which means that opportunities once only reserved for the apex of the financial elite can now be within reach for the everyone.
With the uncertainty in today’s global economy, it is apparent that traditional assets are in decline, "New Wealth" now represents a new exciting way to manage and control your financial future. We can explain alternative assets.

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Tokenized Assets

Unlock a new way to build your wealth.

Asset tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets. Powered by blockchain technology, tokenization allows for fractional ownership of assets. In doing so, it’s democratizing wealth for everyone. Unlock investment opportunities that were only once reserved for the financial elite. 

Alternative Assets
Alternative assets are the new generation of investment opportunities – like crypto, digital assets, and tokenized assets. This exciting asset class can offer, better returns, more diversified portfolios, and higher liquidity than traditional assets such as property or stocks. Alternative assets are the future of a diverse portfolio.

The alternative asset market is expected to grow to $17 trillion by 2025. There’s no doubt this new asset class is  a compelling way for everyday people – the 99% – to take control of their financial future. 

As with all things ‘new’, ‘emerging’, or ‘alternative’, awareness and education are critical. We provide everyday people and financial advisers with the support, resources, and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of alternative assets.


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