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WBD offer a guided journey in understanding the New Digital Wealth paradigm.

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WBD offer a guided journey in understanding the New Digital Wealth paradigm.
In the dynamic realm of digital assets, secure custody is paramount. We prioritise your financial well-being and make it our mission to understand that your wealth signifies more than figures and algorithms. Our commitment to your wealth journey with us is to forge firmly rooted partnerships in trust and guidance.
Custody is more than storage; it's the fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering security. Our philosophy centres on safeguarding your assets, nurturing growth, and paving the way for a secure digital future.

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Why Choose our Platform?

Highest Security
All client assets are held separately with the insured independent digital asset custody.

Unparalleled Support
A skilled team of specialists, who are here to answer any questions and lend a hand.

Clear Reporting
Your personal dashboard offers simple tax reporting, in a format your accountant will love.

Easy Tracking
Keeping tabs on your portfolio is simple via the friendly dashboard.

Better Liquidity
Buy and sell alternative assets whenever you choose through the simple exchange.

Simple Onboarding
Whether you already have an SMSF or need help setting up a new one, our team of specialists can help you get started.

Benefits of Investing in Alternative Assets

Research has shown just one in five advisers believe their clients SMSF portfolios are sufficiently diversified. Alternative assets are an effective way to go beyond traditional assets, and build a truly diverse portfolio.

Uncorrelated Returns
Alternative assets are not tied to the performance of traditional assets like equities, bonds properties or cash. So when those traditional assets So when those traditional assets like underperform, your alternative assets can pick up the slack.

Early Adoption
One look at the success of crypto's early adopters, and the benefits of being among the first are clear. Alternatives are the latest emerging asset, giving them a vital role to play in any early adopters portfolio.

What is an SMSF?

A SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) is your own personal Superannuation Fund. It gives you control over how your Super Benefit is invested - meaning FIY investors can make their own decisions.

With your SMSF you are in charge of your financial future.
Talk to our specialist today and find out how you can diversify your SMSF into alternative assets quickly, easily and securely.

Take Control of your SMSF --- Diversify into alternative assets with us.

What is New Wealth?

WBD offer a guided journey for you to understand the New Digital Wealth paradigm. New Wealth is the next era in the evolution of investment. Defined by the democratization of wealth, which means that opportunities once only reserved for the apex of the financial elite, are now within reach for everyone.
With the uncertainty in today’s global economy, it is apparent that traditional assets are in decline, "New Wealth" now represents a new exciting way to manage and control your financial future. We will explain alternative assets in way you will understand.

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Wealth by Design

Tokenized Assets

Now YOU can UNLOCK a new way to build your wealth.

Asset tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets. Powered by blockchain technology, tokenization allows for fractional ownership of assets, just think on that! In doing so, it is now democratizing wealth for you. Unlock investment opportunities for you, that were once, only reserved for the financial elite. 

Alternative Assets
A new generation of investment opportunities!
This exciting asset investment class like crypto, digital assets, and tokenized assets,  can offer better returns, more diversified portfolios, and higher liquidity than traditional assets such as property or stocks. Alternative assets are the future of a diverse portfolio.

Be part of an alternative asset market is expected to grow to $17 trillion by 2025. There’s no doubt this new asset class is a compelling way for you to join the (1%) 1 percenters, and take control of your financial future.

As with all things ‘new’, ‘emerging’, or ‘alternative’, awareness and education are critical. We provide you with financial advisers with the support, resources, and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of alternative assets.

Please remember, Wealth by Design are NOT Financial advisers, when you require formal advice for alternative assets or setting up SMSF, we will make a suitable recommendation to a "Panel of Choice" providing experienced and highly qualified Accountants and Financial Advisers.

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