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Marilyn's Story. (TPD)

My name is Marilyn and in 2015...

I had a heart attack on the toilet which then caused me to have a fall and suffered brain damage, everyone advised my husband to withdraw my superannuation funds to help us financially, thankfully my husband found Tracey and she advised us before we withdraw my super that we look to see if I had any default insurance within my fund, thank god we did as my super fund only had $10K.

I had previously withdrawn funds prior to this, and Tracey was able to access the Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance within the fund. Which was more than what was in my super fund and we were able to be financially stable as the $10K in the fund would not have been enough to cover costs given that Adrian had to stop work to look after me.

I would recommend the services or Tracey and her team in your time of need.

She and the business that were recommended, by a friend, took the hassle and stress out of, tying to deal with the insurance providers as well as the policy requirements and medical reports, which made the whole situation a lot less stressful. Working with Tracey in our time of need enabled my partner to focus on my recovery and rehabilitation back to a normal life. Without her dedication and professionalism, who knows where we would be.

The decision to trust someone who knows the ins and outs of insurance claims and the processes made trusting Tracey and the team easier this and changed our lives.

Forever Grateful
by Marilyn M.

Steve’s Story. (TPD)

Steve aged 45 worked as a FIFO worker...

Steve had recently separated from his wife of 10 years. They have 3 children together. He was earning $100,000 a year but had lots of debt due to the separation and was now renting again, while continuing to work so he could save money to buy his own house again. As he worked underground, every 3 years his employer would make all employees complete a physical to show they were healthy and fit to continue working underground.

Imagine Steve’s surprise when he couldn’t pass the physical test and lost his job! He was distraught and was not trained to do anything else aside from truck driving. Therefore, any new employer would require him to pass the medical and physical exam, which he couldn’t. Steve was forced to go to Centrelink and apply for disability pension, however they did not at this stage class Steve as disabled enough to not work.

He was then placed onto unemployment benefits, including having to provide a medical form every month to Centrelink just to get money to help pay his bills and put food on the table. Unfortunately, Steve was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and thought he wouldn’t be able to make a Total and Permanent Disablement claim. He had wrongly assumed the insurance company would class it as a pre-existing disability given it is normally a disease you get earlier in life. However, Steve had no history of this disease showing prior to then. Steve contacted Tracey and her team here at ICS, to see if he had a case to make a claim for his Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance from his super fund, as Centrelink did not provide enough funds to cover his bills. On top of this he also had the constant need to see his Doctors to provide them with medical forms which was also causing extreme stress.

Tracey reviewed his policy and contacted his Superannuation Fund to read the policy definitions of his policy and agreed that Steve did in fact have a case to lodge a TPD claim. With the help and guidance of Tracey and her team, Steve was able to gather all the medical reports required and the claim was lodged with his Super Fund. After 6 months Steve was paid his Total and Permanent Disablement policy in full and also had access to his superannuation money, as he had met a condition of release even though he was under 60 years of age.

Steve suffered anxiety through this ordeal as he went from a hard-working man who provided for his children to someone who struggled to put food on the table for himself, let alone help his ex-wife to bring up their children. As you can imagine, Steve is very grateful to Tracey and her team and recommends them to anyone who needs to make a claim or is unsure if they have a case to make a claim.

Thanks for all the help
by Steve S.

Lisa's Journey. (TPD)

I will be forever grateful for the support and care that I received from Jeff, Simon, and the team from Insurance Claims Solutions (ICS) as they guided me through the distressing process of my recent TPD insurance claim.

After losing my 34 year teaching career in traumatic and stressful circumstances, I was in a fragile state when I engaged ICS to guide me through the TPD process. Working with Jeff initially and then my claim manager Simon, I always felt supported and well informed (and they were not scared off by my tears).

If I was unable to deal with a specific step due to my mental health at that time, Simon was empathetic and flexible to work with me at my pace. Simon and Jeff were generous with their time, ensuring that I understood the legal ‘jargon’ throughout the process, and we worked side-by-side to complete all paperwork accurately.

My TPD claim was successful, and ICS ensured that I fully understood the tax implications of withdrawing money from my superannuation fund before I turned 60 by assisting me in making informed financial decisions. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff, Simon and the Insurance Claims Solution team to anyone facing the stressful prospect of making a TPD claim.

Thank you, Simon and Jeff, for being by my side every step of the way …You guys’ ROCK!

Thanks again,
Lisa B –
Waikiki WA August 2021

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