Novated Leasing Options Turns Your Vehicle Purchase into a Saving


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It's not just for new or used cars, you can even refinance your existing car and enjoy the savings? So, it's never too late to take advantage of this opportunity.
Who Can Apply?

If you work for a small to medium enterprise and your annual income is at least $50K p/a you will qualify, now see how you can get the process started. See Below.
*savings depend on personal circumstances.


So how do I get that "I just got a New Car feeling"?

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EV Aust Tax Office Bonus

Right now, you could drive away in a TESLA and pay approximately the same price after tax rebates as you would for a Toyota Corolla.

There has Never been a better time to not only get into a Novated Lease when buying your next vehicle, but you wont believe the huge extra savings on fully Electric Vehicles. ALL ATO APPROVED!
Don't Forget to select the EV vehicle icon when using our lease calculator to see the difference in annual savings.. Request your online quote below.

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