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We are a leading specialised personal and business wealth strategy referral service, your premier partner for wealth education, business and financial solutions.


Within our co-operative we select a broker business that will have the specific expertise to address your individual financing requirement. 

Obtaining finance can be a daunting task and who are the ethical and professional lenders? the right one to help you with your individual or particular lending needs.

In order for us to make the appropriate recommendation, please click the button below to provide us with some key data in order for us to make this recommendation for you.

For Finance & LoansIf it has a serial number or a property address

Novated Leasing

With No Cost or liability, PLUS NO FBT, you can provide your employees with an attractive and valuable benefit. Be an Employer of First Choice and offer enticing employment packages for your existing or prospective new staff.

Novated For EmployersNO FBT and you can be an employer of first choice

We specialise in providing customised Novated Car Leasing options to employees through their own employers payroll system. Make substantial yearly tax savings on all your motoring expenses.

Novated For EmployeesNO GST and HUGE pre tax saving benefits

Business Coaching

We offer proven professional skills and guidance to educate any business, via corporate and staff, financial and business operational education programs.

Presented as exciting and informative Seminars including Key Note Events, WBD Business Seminars bring you a variety of new, exciting financial business intelligence updates, along with next level thinking, in order to activate better business planning that leads to progressive strategies and achieve better outcomes.

Corporate & PersonnelRecalibrate your business thinking

Financial Planning Advice

Do you know the difference between a "transaction" advisor and a strategic planning advisor?

From starting out in the workforce to planning retirement and all the financial planning stuff that happens in the middle, everyone needs help with attaining financial independence and freedom. Wealth by Design has been created to exactly that for you, your family and business activities.

Would you like an introduction to an advisor that will understand your unique personal lifestyle, wealth accumulation goals and objectives?

Take Action NowGet the financial advice you deserve

TPD Claim

Are you or anyone you know unable to work due to illness or injury?

You may have insurance through your super which can cover you for injury and illness? 40% of Aussies unable to work, didn’t know they had through their superannuation fund, Death/Life cover and/or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over 15,000 claims are paid each year from super accounts with an average payout of $100,000 – $150,000.

Find Out if You QualifyOnly takes 2mins to send a claim review
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Online Data Services

Online Automation Solutions and Integrated Services
At OASIS we build - integrate & automate the web for online business operations.

When need Online Business Services, the short answer is OASIS.
Full suite of online services to match everyone's needs and inspiration.
From website development to high tech integration and automated tasking, we have the technology and know how to make it happen,

MORE ABOUT OASISThe short answer to Online Business is OASIS

Estate Planning

1. Did you know 60% of Australians do not have a Will? or that most existing Wills require updating?.

2. Do you have children that are Under 18?, if so do you have a Testamentary Trust written into your current Will?

3. Unfortunately life has it ups and downs! Have you considered an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA), should you lose legal capacity?

Start your planning hereSome of the most essential planning you will do

Legal Referral

For any Legal advice you may require, we will arrange a personal introduction with no cost or obligation to you.

Rest assured in trust, that your privacy, discretion and confidentiality is assured at Wealth by Design.

In working closely with many firms over the years we are well placed to make the appropriate introduction.

Get Introduced NowPrivacy - Discretion - Confidentiality

Tax and Accounting

Is your accountant a strategic and forward planning business and tax advisor? or not much more than a historian!

How do I find out?

If you are ready to have your current tax accounting and business advice reviewed by one of our expert strategic advisors, then contact us now to discuss.

Request a ReviewNo obligation accounting review

HR Manager Services


We are on the way, be here soon!

Are you looking for a HR manager to help out part-time or casual? We can offer referral to contract HR managers that are looking to assist you with your HR management duties of functions.

Click here to send us a message about your interest in our HR contractors.

HR COMING SOONAssistance and Services for HR Managers

All Insurance Services

Home & Contents
We have a home loan specialists panel to make it happen so you can focus on realising the dream.

Vehicle Insurance
Apart for general car insurance we can help manage loan repayment risks through different insurance options, such as shortfall and loan protection insurance.

Vehicle Warranty
Cars and other accessories installed in the factory or through dealerships are typically covered. You may want to refer to your owner’s manual to know the exact coverage of the warranty.

Click here to let us know of your insurance & warranty interests.

INSURANCE SERVICESHome & Content & Vehicle Insurance

Cyber Security


81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords.
We recommend a One System with Multiple benefits that will;
Strengthen and store passwords;
manage access and be notified of breached passwords and more.

The decision to have secure password security is obvious, the choice comes down to who are the best at protecting your data.

Free trial coming soon so you can try it out yourself.

CYBER SECURITYCritical Online Data Protection

SMSF Administration

Looking to take control of your retirement? 

Managing a compliant self-managed super fund (SMSF) can feel like walking on a tightrope. SMSF administration firms can tread the fine line for you.

A key benefit of an SMSF administrator is they assist in taking out some of the risk, and as they are highly knowledgeable about how to run a compliant SMSF - you won’t need to worry about the ATO sending you an angry letter.

SMSF AdministrationTake control of your retirement